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Every year in Australian about 50 million tyres reach end-of-life.

Sadly, less than 20% of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) are recycled locally.  Currently, many are baled and shipped overseas for processing or disposal.  The rest are either sent to landfill, illegally dumped or stockpiled, which can cause significant environmental and health risks, in particular the fire risks associated with tyre stockpiles.

From December 2021, exporting whole tyres will be banned, putting increased pressure on Australian industry and recyclers to develop local pathways for processing and recycling ELTs.  

At OzShred we strive to find innovative ways to process and recycle “too hard” waste streams.  ELTs are no exception.  Using state of the art shredding machinery, we process ELTs into a range of products for diverse end-uses and industries all over the world.  Here are just a few:


Waste Derived Fuels
Processed tyres can be used in tyre-derived-fuels (TDF).  When incinerated at very high temperatures in industrial kilns, TDF has high high calorific value and burns cleaner than fuel alternatives such as coal.

Gravel Rubber
Small rubber flakes are a great alternative to gravel as they have similar properties and are more cost effective, lighter in weight and also allow for water to pass through it.

Rubber flakes can be used as an alternative to mulch to cover and keep soils insulated, which minimises water consumption.

Landfill Sites
Rather than being dumped to landfill, tyre flakes can also be used for various different purposes on landfill sites, such as to create a protective layer over the landfill liner or in the gas vents.   Rubber flakes are also helpful in flood prone landfill areas as they allow the water to drain naturally into the ground without allowing it to become contaminated by waste from the landfill.



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